Water Purification Systems

Rainmakers Worldwide Water Purification Technology

Requiring very low electricity consumption, scalable system capable of removing all impurities from water including organic material, bacteria, nano-bacteria, viruses, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic etc., pharmaceuticals such as estrogen and antibiotics, fertilizers and pesticides, chemicals such as hexavalent chromium and PCBs as well as toxins such as Microcystin from Algal Blooms, while retaining all natural minerals and a healthy PH balance. This technology is a linear-straight-line scale-up procedure so it can be built to handle any volume of water. It has no moving parts and is all but maintenance free. It uses electrocoagulation to purify water and its only by products are hydrogen and oxygen which can create income streams when captured. It can purify fresh water from any source, wells, rivers, ponds, lakes, ditches, canals or contaminated water and return pure drinking water. This technology offers several models ranging from a small home or village unit capable of purifying up to 400 gallons per day, to larger scale units capable of purifying from 10,000 gallons and more per day as well as industrial and municipal sizes capable of purifying millions of gallons per day. It is patented and in full operation in North America.

(7,000 gallon per day system show above)


(Residential compact 400-460 gpd unit shown above)



Information on vortexing, magnetic and bioceramic systems, please refer to www.BeyondWater.org


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