how to clean a hydro flask

Which part of the Hydro Flask should you avoid soaking? Not quite! Bacteria can quickly form if you leave the bottle in a position without enough air circulation. 4. you can rinse it very well with cold water and then put in a small amount of gravel, hot water ans soap..close it and shake it like crazy. A flask by it’s very design is not the easiest thing to clean at the best of times. Be sure to place the flask on the rack upside down so that all the water drains out. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Do not wash the entire hydro flask in a dishwasher. The actual flask is not dishwasher safe. You won’t want to use baking soda every time the flask gets washed. If your Hydro Flask has a straw, separate the straw from the lid. To give your Hydro Flask lid a deep clean you'll want to remove the rubber gasket carefully using a knife and then using vinegar or some other cleaning product and give both the lid and the rubber gasket a good scrub to remove all the mold. In this article, you will learn 5 of my easiest cleaning techniques that will help you keep your coffee mug bacteria free and stain free all the time. All three are safe and very effective. It's important that you take your Hydro Flask apart before cleaning it. Essential Tips to Cleaning Hydro Flask. The agitation will help clear out excess residue. If you add drinks other than water, such as coffee of juice, the materials will start to discolor and get stained If they aren’t washed. Be sure to get all the way down to the bottom of the bottle, and underneath the ledge at the top of the flask. Clean your Hydro Flask about once a month. One of them is clean and dry, the other one has crystal light in it, because I am a mad man. You know it’s time to clean your hydro flask when you catch yourself staring into the water trying to figure out what you’re actually looking at. Firmly press the bristles along the inside walls of the flask. Once again, it’s useful for removing stains on the inside of the flask but not necessary for everyday cleaning. Once you've finished cleaning them, rinse the parts of your flask thoroughly. There’s a better option out there! Using other chemicals like bleach or chlorine can damage the outside of the bottle and cause the stainless steel to rust. When a Hydro Flask water bottle becomes extremely dirty and needs a thorough scrub, it is best to use The Coldest Water Premium Bottle Brush to clean a Hydro Flask water bottle. A bottle brush from the baby section of your local department store works perfectly. Click on another answer to find the right one... For tips on how to get rid of stains from your flask, keep reading! Try washing your Hydro Flask in the evening, that way it can dry overnight and will be ready to use the next morning. But if you want to give these parts a good clean without the hassle of doing it by hand, this is a good option. To clean a hydro flask, start by disassembling the flask before washing each part in hot, soapy water. 2. It has an intense sweet, lemon flavor... Cuisinevault is your online cooking companion offering loads of recipes, tips, hacks and much more. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times, or until the water runs clear. In this article, we’ll look at six methods of cleaning your prized bottle so that it looks as good as new again. Ok, so with COVID-19 hitting California really hard, I was ordered to move out of my dorm (we were told we would come back in 3 weeks), and I completely forgot my hydro flasks in my room. Now you’re ready to clean. It's important that you take your Hydro Flask apart before cleaning it. Nope! Read on for another quiz question. Hold one opening end of the straw under the running tap water to rinse it out. Instead, simply drop an ice cube or two into the bottle and it will keep the beverage cold for 24 hours. Wash your Hydro Flask daily, or after each use, to keep it fresh and clean. Bottle Helpers have specific gaskets or o-rings for each Hydro Flask bottle caps. Using other chemicals like bleach or chlorine can damage the outside of the bottle and cause the stainless steel to rust. After it soaks, try using a pipe cleaner to get inside the straw and scrub away any buildup. The width varies to be able to fit in diverse substances (for example, ice cubes) but they are all still comfortable to drink from and clean. Cap the flask and shake it firmly. You will need hot water and dish soap. References. Pour the water out and run fresh water into the bottle. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Marcus is the owner of Maid Easy, a local residential cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. For any persistent stains and odors, consider using lemon juice, baking soda or white vinegar. Once there is no baking soda residue remaining on the inside of the flask, continue to run the warm water into the flask, swirl it around, then pour it out. This article was co-authored by Marcus Shields. Read on for another quiz question. Whether you only drink water or you sip on other beverages with your Hydro Flask, it is essential to clean it regularly, especially if you want it to last for years. 1 Combine mild detergent and hot water. This is the way most “hydro flaskers” clean their bottles. Additionally, you can put a cup of white vinegar in your flask for 5 minutes, then scrub the inside of the flask with a bottle brush to remove bacteria. Alternatively, you can use a baby bottle brush or other bottle or flask brushes. Marcus Shields of Maideasy says: "To be safe, deep clean your Hydro Flask at least once a month. Special note: Don’t leave the bottle in hot soapy water to soak as it can cause damage to the insulation. Remove the cap and pour the water down the drain. Read on for another quiz question. You can use a brush specifically made for the Hydro Flask, or a standard baby bottle brush will do the trick. When storing, leave the lid slightly off to allow air to circulate and avoid mold growth. If the stickers are not waterproof you need to be really careful. Run tap water over the top of the lid, then flip the lid over to allow the water to run through the underneath side as well. Last Updated: July 20, 2020 The answer is yes and no. Here is a selection of simple cleaning options that use common household items. Pick another answer! Cleaning your Hydro Flask is super fast and easy. Regardless of the type, it’s a nightmare to properly clean the cap. His cleaning roots date back to his grandmother who cleaned homes for valley residents in the 60’s through the 70’s. You may have either one of these closure lids depending on your hydro flask. Drambuie is a sweet, golden liqueur that is made from Scotch whiskey, herbs, spices, and Scottish heather honey. Slowly rotate the lid under the water to make sure it is completely rinsed off. Not exactly! Even it will keep your hydro flask inside hygienic. Repeat this step as needed. ". You scrubbed it, you soaked it, and you even bought an expensive brush to ensure you get to the bottom of the bottle. If necessary, repeat the process again until clean. To effectively clean a hydro flask will require a hydro brush. Do not put your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher. For decades, baking soda has been used in homes as a safe method to remove stubborn stains on the inside of the flask. Hydro Flask becomes a part of your daily routine; you will want to keep it as clean as possible. Follow the instructions on the polish, often only using a small dab placed on a clean towel, ... Clean a Hydro Flask. Allow the water to flow through the straw for about 10 seconds, or until the water runs clear. The limit is your imagination. 1. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Regular washing will ensure your bottle shines like it was straight off the store shelf. So you’ve got your hands on a shiny new hydro flask that keeps your drinks icy cold on hot days and toasty warm during the cold ones. Place the lid on the drying rack or towel as well. This won’t happen overnight, unless of course you drink durian juice or lutefish broth. It may take a few goings over to completely remove the stain, so don't worry if the stain doesn't come out on the first go. Nate Teague is a food writer who has been working in the food industry for the past decade. Allow the liquid to work its magic inside the flask before tipping out and thoroughly rinsing with fresh water. In order to get a good cleaning, you'll need to wash all of the components, not just the outside of the bottle and the spout. It won’t sanitize the hydro flask though; this option is a good everyday cleaning method to keep your bottle clean and to reduce stain buildup. Even if it never leaves home though, it will come into contact with your mouth, hands, and maybe other people’s mouths too! If you have one, use a small bottle brush or nipple brush to help clean these small spaces. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Other chemicals like bleach and chlorine and cause rust to form on the outside of the bottle. You can soak the bottle itself in water before cleaning the inside. The acidity of lemon juice makes it an effective cleaning agent. Instead, make sure you rub down the outside of the bottle with a microfiber cloth while it's still wet. So you have cleaned and cleaned your beloved Hydro Flask bottle. Why should you let your bottle dry upside down overnight with proper air circulation? This is almost always the first question that gets asked – can I wash a hydro flask in the dishwasher? The only downside to your purchase: it won’t stay clean forever. This article has been viewed 131,720 times. If the stickers are waterproof, just be gentle with them. Never expose a hydro flask to extreme heat from a stovetop or microwave. Disassemble your Hydro Flask to clean it.Unscrew the lid and remove it from the bottle. … Wash your Hydro Flask pieces separately with hot, soapy water. 5 Ways to Clean a Hydro Flask. The cap and straw is okay though. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. The Coldest Water Premium Bottle Brush can help scrub away dirt and grime caused by saliva and residue left behind from one’s food and beverages. If you let the outside of the bottle air dry, it's more likely to have water spots. Make sure you purchase a silver polish for silver flasks and a pewter polish for pewter flasks. And its insulated properties can also get damaged when you don’t clean it properly. Clean the inside of your bottle with a bottle brush. Simply insert the pipe cleaner into one end of the straw, and firmly move it up and down along the insides to remove any buildup. Its matte finish can be ruined when you use strong detergents. For tips on how to get rid of stains from your flask, keep reading! The Best Way to Clean a Hydro Flask. Hydro Flask is at the rage, thanks to its top-tier insulation that helps your drink stay hot or cold for a long time. Do not soak your lid. Disassemble your Hydro Flask to clean it. Make sure you thoroughly rinse out the inside of the bottle before placing it on the drying rack. The heat can damage the insulation and/or the outer coating. Hydro Flask will replace any product found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate use. Hydro flasks come in several colors, as well as with several different types of bodies and rims. Hydro Flask Cleaning Method How do you clean a Hydro Flask Wide Mouth lid? If the mixture is too thick, add a little more water to thin it out. Finally, let your flask air dry before putting it back together. Grab it and pull it to the side (I leave lid on the flask so I can grab ahold of the flask as leverage) It takes some muscle to do.... once popped out there is a small o ring that you can remove and that you can clean as well. Marcus is the owner of Maid Easy, a local residential cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona. 5. 0 0. ckngbbbls. How to Clean the Hydro Flask Straw Lid, Sports Cap and Mouth Cap. Do not wash the entire hydro flask in a dishwasher. Lv 7. All of the baking soda should be gone by the time you're air-drying the Hydro Flask. flask clean can. Every… The lid and straw are suitable for the top rack of a dishwasher. Alternatively, fill your Hydro Flask about ⅕ of the way with vinegar and the rest of the way with water. Tip out the vinegar and rinse with clean warm water. The gravel will act as a scrubber and scrub any stuck on sour milk. Allow the solution to sit overnight. Steps. This leads to a commonly asked question: what’s the best way to clean a hydro flask? Wash your Hydro Flask pieces separately with hot, soapy water. Try filling the bottle up about halfway with water, putting on the lid, and gently shaking the bottle up and down. When storing, leave the lid slightly off to allow air to circulate and avoid mold growth. After washing and rinsing the flask thoroughly, place it on a drying rack or clean, dry towel to dry. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of cleaning your Hydro Flask, you will need a clean bottle brush. By using our site, you agree to our. After working in tech for over a decade, he came back to the cleaning industry and opened Maid Easy to pass his family’s tried and true methods to home dwellers across the Phoenix Metro Area.

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