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The thing that makes the Mamiya 645 1000s so … The Mamiya 7 is a medium format 6x7 negative rangefinder camera with an excellent little lineup of lenses (43mm f/4.5, 50mm f/4.5, 65mm f/4, 80mm f/4, 150 f/4.5, and the 210mm f/8). But it is a fragile camera and an expensive camera with prices for a new one around 170,000 yen and prices for used staying over the 100,000 yen mark. AU $399.00. The Mamiya 645 camera systems are a series of medium format film and digital cameras and lenses manufactured by Mamiya and its successors. Coupled with it's folding lens, this makes for a perfect travelling companion. Introduced in 1970, the RB67 (which stands for … Item Specifications: Product Description: Mamiya RB67 Pro SD - SLR camera - medium Camera Type: SLR camera Camera Format: Medium Shutter Name & Size: Seiko No.1 Exposure Range: 1/400 sec - 1 sec Film Advance: Manual Viewfinder: Waist level View Details . Has anyone any ideas of a camera that exceeds 1/500th second for film medium for... Cuckooclock 28 months ago 30 replies. Medium Format Cameras Featured Best Selling Alphabetically: A-Z Alphabetically: Z-A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Date: New to Old Date: Old to New + Cameras & Lenses Ian and Warren get lost on their way to meet the model, all while lugging around two of the heaviest medium format cameras around. How do you select a medium format film camera? View Details. Of this type, popular brands include Leica, Mamiya, and Hasselblad medium format cameras. C $287.32. It's known as a sort of legend for travel landscape photography and is unique in that it's medium format, lightweight, and a rangefinder. The M645 Super, 645 Pro, 645 Pro TL and 645E are medium-format SLR cameras made in Japan by Mamiya from the mid-1980's. The only medium-format camera with full coverage of the 4.25″x3.25″ frame is the Mamiya Universal Press. Same. £45.38 postage. My Impressions of the Mamiya C220 Film Camera. If youre not sure of the kind of medium format film camera you want, eBay offers new … shipping: + C $52.26 shipping. Free postage. I purchased three freshly dated rolls of 120 Kodak Ektar 100. Camera has been tested and works great. So to close.. Who is the Mamiya 7 camera best suited to? Mamiya 7II Film Camera + N 65mm f/4L Lens [Near Mint] w/Hood,Strap,Cap [5519] £3,592.68. I finally found my medium format camera! We sell hard to find vintage cameras. The RB was released in 1970 and is a bonafide tank of a camera. Meter works as well. C $468.48. We buy used cameras to make and appoinment email us or call us during our business hours. Body has a few light surface scratches (see pics) but is in overall excellent condition. Seller 100% positive [Exc++++] Fuji Fujica GW690 Pro 6x9 Medium Format Camera 90mm F3.5 From Japan. A quick camera review and discussion of the Mamiya 645e medium format film camera. (*You can actually shoot 35mm film in a Mamiya 7 camera – see Mamiya 7 35mm photography). Medium Format Film (120) Cameras currently available in our store and available for purchase online. Medium format sizes vary from 2.5 times to 4 times larger than that of the 24 by 36 millimeter film frame of the 35 millimeter. Shop our wide selection of medium format cameras, and save up to 40% off retail price. The fully automatic diaphragm feature makes this medium-format SLR film camera a delight to use, particularly in dim light or when the lens is stopped down to maximize depth of field. The Mamiya 645e always appealed to me as the most lightweight 6x4.5 cm camera and it had all of the basic functions (MLU, AEL, ability to bracket narrow latitude transparency film in 1/3 EV increments). Mamiya 645 1000S – Image credit: @raghuramashok 1. $225.66. Buy and sell used medium format film cameras at KEH Camera store. It’s a bellows focus medium format film SLR released in 1974 and sold to professionals in the magazine, print, fashion, and portrait industry for more than 15 years. Mamiya M645 1000S Medium Format Camera Body . Make Offer - Boxed Mamiya M645 Super Body Only / 6x4.5 Medium Format Film w/ Manuals + More Mamiya C330 Pro S (NEW VERSION) TLR Film Camera, BLUE … Hey guys, for more than a year I have been trying to shoot with Mamiya C330s, ... stanislav.gdovin 22 months ago 8 replies. Furthermore, the Mamiya RB67 Pro S with 127 mm lens consists of a shutter that allows light to … The Mamiya 7, although perfect, is not a reflex camera The Hasselblad, although you dislike the squared format, is the best 645 camera Depending on the place you live, repair and parts become harder these days. [Near Mint] Mamiya M645 Medium Format Film Camera 80mm F2.8 Lens From Japan. 【NEAR MINT】 Mamiya 7 II Gold Medium Format Film Camera + N 65mm F/4 L From JAPAN. Easy to shoot, decent size and weight and very nice handling. Free postage. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The step up from 35mm to 6×7 is HUGE! Medium Format Film (120) Cameras currently available in our store and available for purchase online. or Best Offer AU $423.49. They are called "645" because they use the nominal 6cm x 4.5cm film size from 120 roll film.They came in three major generations: first-generation manual-focus film cameras, second-generation manual-focus film cameras, and autofocus film/digital cameras. Fastest shutter speed camera in film medium format. Mamiya 645AFd Complete Kit includes body, 120/220 film back and 80mm lens. Exc / MAMIYA C220 + SEKOR 135mm F4.5 TLR medium format camera from Japan. What you see below is my Mamiya Sekor RB67 Pro S, the camera I’m reviewing today. They’re fairly large all-mechanical, modular, waist-level-viewing cameras with interchangeable revolving film backs, breech-lock, bayonet-mount, leaf-shutter lenses, and a dual-track, rack-and-pinion focusing system employing a bellows. They make fifteen 6×4.5 cm images on a 120 roll film.Unlike Mamiya's 6×7 SLR cameras, they do not have bellows, but rely on helical focusing in the lenses. ... A gem of a medium format camera. Kelly Dun. While 4×5 cameras also have 100% frame coverage, they have their own limitations. The Pentax was the first medium format camera I bonded with. I tried several medium format cameras (Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Rolleicord) and none of them really did it for me. This camera is the little brother to the Mamiya RB67. Pretty much all TLR cameras are film cameras, using the 120/220 film sizes, though some cameras use the 35mm format, but we are not talking about them. Another type of medium format digital camera is one based on the design of a full-framed DSLR. or Best Offer 【TOP MINT】Mamiya 7 Medium Format Rangefinder Camera N 80mm f/1.4 L From JAPAN. The Mamiya Press family is a series of multi-format, interchangeable lens rangefinders introduced in 1960. We are 1 out of 4 dealers that sells FOGG bags. ... Mamiya C330 F Medium Format TLR Camera Body . Of those, only Fujifilm is both still in business and under the same ownership. OC Camera is located Crown Valley Retail Center, 27680 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (949) 347-1276. £2,760.33. Mamiya RB67 Pro-S/RZ67 Pro/Pro II: These robust medium-format SLRs provide 6x7 cm images on 120/220 film. Ever wanted to dive into the magical world of medium format photography but didn't want to commit to one of those MASSIVE RZ67's. This sleek camera is super compact for a medium format. The major medium format film camera manufacturers, before the advent of digital, were Bronica, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Pentax and Rollei. If you need / love the 6×7 film format AND you prefer rangefinder cameras AND you want to use wide lenses (43mm to 65mm) then the ‘7 is the camera for you. ... and easily one of my favorite medium format film cameras so … These cameras retain the advantages of an optical viewfinder but, because they don't usually have interchangeable backs, are more compact. Will typically ship … Coming to you from Willem Verbeeck, this awesome video takes a look at the Mamiya RB67 medium format film camera. A very capable medium format camera in a small package. It has a mechanical, old-school feel with a super sturdy build. The camera takes medium format 120 or 220 length film, and exposes a 6×6 square frame. shipping: + C $52.26 shipping. Free postage. With a normal lens and film back, it clocked in at almost six pounds! Product review: Mamiya 645 Medium Format Camera I finaly received a metered pism finder allowing me to do a proper review of this really sweet piece of camera, the Mamiya 645 s. In this case I have a 645 1000S, an older version with no autofocus but with a PDs metered findered. Mamiya 645 1000s. I remember when the Mamiya 645e was brand new on the market and even though it was considered an entry level medium format camera at the time it was still much too expensive for … Seller 100% positive The Mamiya 645 1000s is the perfect combination of quality and price for a beginner. We are open Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm. AU $939.98. Mamiya 6 MF Medium Format Film Rangefinder Camera (Body) in Excellent Condition. Includes waist level finder and matte screen. Having just finished the first roll, I decided that it would be a good time to share my first impressions and thoughts. Plus, it can be carried by hand. TOP Pro Film Photographers. [Exc+5] Mamiya M645 Medium Format Film Camera FIlm Insert x2 From JAPAN 1066. Enter stage left: The Mamiya 6 Rangefinder Camera! Handling like a 35mm SLR, it incorporates features found only on sophisticated 35mm cameras, yet it offers the advantage of a format that’s 2.7 times larger than 35mm. Mamiya C33 Professional. Mamiya The other great that immediately comes to mind when you think of medium format cameras is Mamiya. A friend suggested I try Pentax and offered to sell me a very nice 645n. The original Mamiya Press and its derivatives are among the last cameras of their type, as 35mm SLRs were quickly taking over the professional and photo journalist market following the introduction of the exceptional Nikon F. Printed film body, available in four different mounts: Kiev-88, Hasselblad, Mamiya RB, and Mamiya Press, along with a ground-glass version for critical composition/focusing.

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