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Ecosolutionaries, ready, present and taking action.

Below is a list of our partners, associations and current projects funded, being funded, or in need of funding/support/exposure to enable each of us to become independent and no longer dependent on a failing system.

Directly under Planet One Solutions:

Green Earth Tribe – Grow as One/Alignment Required/Membership

Foodology – Making Food Your Medicine (plant-based) – Available Now!

Ceramic Lubrication Technology – Available Now! Canadian EPA Certified. 20+ Years in the Market & Tested.

Stem Cell Enhancers – All Natural Stem Cell Enhancers (plant-based) – Available Now!

B3 Sciences – Balance Hormones naturally – Available Now!

PureH2OTechnologies – Bioceramics & Electrocoagulation – Available Now!

BioPhoton LS 5.0 – Lymphatic Stimulation & Oxygenation – Research Modality/Available Now!

IntelliTrees – R&D Stage/Support Required/Prototype – Available soon!

Quanifi Air Fiber Technologies – Safe High-Speed, non-microwave wireless fiber – Available Now!

Hydrogen on Demand/Kits – Dry Cell HHO Technology – Available Now!

Accelerator Chair – Project currently in re-development. Available late 2023!

Aligned with Planet One Solutions:

StreamLife.tube – Ready for Market/Beta Testing Complete/Streaming Online Now!

Net-Positive Village – A Net-Positive Location in Paradise – Available Now!

Refugi.co – Net-Positive Modular Living Structures – Available Now for Pre-order!

BioVeda – A revolutionary and inexpensive way to build safe and Eco-Green. Available Now!

HEMPWatch.tv – Streaming Online Now!

Buckminster Fuller –  Change not the existing system, but create a new system making the old obsolete

The Venus Project – Ready for Market/Support Required

Biomimcry Institute – In Market Now/Eco-Edutainment/Biomimicry/Restoring Nature

One Small TownAn Integrated Community Development Plan by Michael Tellinger

Blue Economy – In Market Now/Eco-Edutainment/Biomimicry/Restoring the Oceans

Aulterra EMF Shield – Available Now!

Warka Tower – An inexpensive sustainable solution to get water from air. No moving parts. Available now!

Just One Organics – Available Now – Amazing sustainable products!

Grow Symbiotic – Ready for Market/Available Soon!

BioMagnetics – Available Now!

EnviroMagnetics – Available Now!

Violet Flame Glass – Miron Glas – Available Now!

Eco Built Systems – Product in Market/Available Now!

Pacific Domes – Product in Market/Available Now!

Unified Field Corporation – Ready for Market

Pyradyne – Available Now!

KuwalaHMT – Active Now/Support Needed/Malawi, Africa

Films for Action – In the Market/Support Required


Be next on our list for sustainable and renewable solutions for a better tomorrow and a more sustainable planet.

Contact POS to submit your site link, project, or technology for approval and potential funding. To support POS, click Donate button below. Please add project you would like to support/donate to.

It is our goal at Planet One Solutions to become B Corp Certified and become a part of the B Economy. Learn more on what a B Corp is: BCorporation.net

In the B Economy, businesses compete to be best for the world, the people living in it, and the natural environment on which our quality of life depends. In the B Economy, people have jobs that satisfy the deeper, innate reasons we go to work: to build something meaningful, to strengthen community ties, and to provide a good life for their loved ones.

For a real bank that actually does good for the planet and its clients with NO MONTHLY FEES, NO MINIMUM DEPOSIT, NO MINIMUM BALANCE and is B CORP Certified! Aspiration Bank

Our Mission, Vision & Intent

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

“Live Simply…so that others may Simply Live…while creating a better world for future generations” – Founder/CEO Planet One Solutions

namaste’ to all….aHo, Way and Waddo, Mitakuye Oyasin


Please open your heart and help support our revolutionary team of passionate Ecosolutionaires to get these vital solutions and technological advancements out to the world were needed most and restore the damage done before its too late. Heaven on Earth awaits us all…we simply need but clean up the mess we made.

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