Energy (general)

Without a change of course, by 2030 the total number of people without access to electricity will still be almost 900 million, 3 billion will cook on traditional fuels and 30 million people will have died of smoke-related diseases.

Energy access may at times seem like a “technical” issue, but its consequences are very human indeed.

Planet One Solution’s mission is to respond to growing energy needs and proposes a solution which rapidly provides electricity in both a do-able and a durable manner. Thanks to its’ technologies modified on a case by case basis, it is possible to provide electricity to one consumer or even to an entire village, wherever it is located on the planet, with absolutely no dependence on any external source of electricity.

With the help of renewable energy and the ingenious, modifiable systems, an electrical network can easily be put into place in a rapid and durable manner. Expandable, these systems can also be adapted according to the expanding energy needs of the consumer in question.

The team at Planet One Solutions is currently working directly with engineers and inventors of this amazing and very much needed Waste to Energy Technology. The current R.O.I. of Waste to Energy Tech is around 3.5 years max. Learn more here

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