POS partners & current projects

Partners, Associations and current projects funded, being funded, or in need of funding/support/exposure. True Eco-Solutionaires Ready, Present and Taking Action.

Directly under Planet One Solutions:

Quanifi AirFiber Technologies – Ready for Market/Support Required

Innovative Natural Products – Ready for Market/Available since 95′

IntelliTrees – R&D Stage/Support Required

Hydrogen on Demand/Kits – Ready for Market/Available Since 2008

Ceramic Lubrication Technology – Ready for Mass Market Distribution, Canadian EPA Certified. 15+ Years in the Market & Tested.

PureH2OTechnologies – Ready for Market/Minor Support Required

BioPhoton LS 5.0 – Research Modality Ready for Trial Studies/Support Required

Life Crystals, Dr. George Merkl – Ready for Market/Support Required – Click here to order!

Stem Cell Enhancer – Ready for Market/Available Now!

Accelerator Chair – Ready for Market/Available Since 2007 – Project currently on hold!

Aligned with Planet One Solutions:

KNEKT.TV – Believe. Connect. Change the World!

Films for Action – In the Market/Support Required

Aulterra EMF Shield – Ready for Market/Available Since 2009

Unified Feild Corporation – Ready for Market/Minor Support Required

Just One Organics – Ready for Market/Support Required

Equine Eco Green US – Ready for Market/Minor Support Required

Amaraka.com – Ready for Market/Edutainment, Video, Audio, IP/Support Required

Eco Built Systems – Product Ready for Market/Minor Support Required

ZERI – In Market Now/Eco-Education/Support Required

Citizens for Water – Ready for Market/Education, Awareness/Support Required

Thomas Schumann – Water Fund Holding

One Community Global – Active in Market/Support Required

Aesop Institute – Working Prototypes/Support Required

The Water project – Active in Market/Support Required


Be next on our list for sustainable and renewable solutions for a better tomorrow and a more sustainable planet.

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