Mission, Vision & Intent

We are a private group of innovators, designers, inventors, engineers, code writers, programmers and ecosolutionaires that are on a mission to help solve our planet’s problems with housing, food, water, pollution, energy, waste and soil. We are bringing together brilliant minds and amazing talent from around the world and sharing what we now know and have available right now, or that we my need exposure on to help make a reality in the near future.

Our Vision is to utilize existing renewable & sustainable technologies, as well as develop new and innovative technologies and continually strive to find better and better solutions to solve our current and foreseeable issues.

Our intent is to raise the funds needed through donations and/or investors, or via pre-sales and licensing of our all new advance water from air, self powered smart technology called IntelliTrees, or iTrees for short. We are also offering 100 of the all new/updated BioPhoton LS 5.0 for $1000 each to help raise the funds needed to build a working prototype of the iTrees, then get it tested and to market. It is also our intent to develop other existing, cutting-edge technologies and get them to market immediately to generate sustaining revenue to maintain production. It is our goal to bring real solutions to one place and implement them on a world wide scale through the ingenious team at Planet One Solutions and it’s supporters, marketers, partners, family and friends.

Isn’t it time we let all the people of the world have the power to take care of our home planet ourselves so that future generations can enjoy it and continue to thrive on it, not just continue to destroy it in blind ignorance?

With your help we can all make a difference and change the world through shared knowledge, educating each other and the power of the Internet. Every one of us Human Beings should have access to safe, clean water, GMO-Free safe food and a sustainable environment to thrive in.

It is our passion to help everyone live life to the fullest potential possible and enjoy the time here with those we love and cherish, while helping others in need to also live a better life for themselves and those they cherish. Only when we come together and actually care for one another can we accomplish the impossible and only together can we all get through this time now to a more abundant tomorrow. Donations greatly appreciated. Everyone can help bring real solutions to our very fragile planet that has been seriously harmed by us all. We all have to take responsibility for the damage done and we all have to take action to fix it before it is too late. We can do better. We can fix this. We can act as ONE and CHANGE the World! Nothing can stop the POWER OF THE PEOPLE focused on ONE Intention!!! ONE Race, ONE Goal, ONE Planet. Lets start acting this way, living this way, being this way.

It is time that we ALL come together for her, our true mother…Earth….Gaia. She needs our help!!!

To learn more please read & share: I Am With You, THE EARTH WANTS TO TALK WITH US. by: Sten Linnander.

aHo & namaste’ to a brighter and more abundant future right NOW…for us ALL – Mitakuye Oyasin

pos1Mission, Vision & Intent