Our Plan

Our plan is to collaborate with top engineers and designers of waste to energy, plasma torch technologies and to implement these technologies into real world solutions for waste to energy, water from air and more. Our plan is to utilize existing solutions, as well as create new and innovative ways to produce safe, clean drinking water and to never again damage the waters we have now, while helping to repair the damage already done. To closely follow the principles of “biomimicry“, or the study and the understanding of using nature in its perfection, to finds better ways of solving our worlds water, food, energy and waste problems. We need your help. Everyone can make a difference. Donate now and be a part of the solutions and help bring these solutions to the world. Contact info@planetonesolutions.org for more information, or call 213.633.7225 in the States and +52.1.661.106.5095 in Latin America.

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